XL clear spinning top

$25.00 $20.00

On sale !! Limited time !!

Looking for a more economical and user friendly top ? Something you could let your child play around with? Or you just purchased your first top and aren't exactly a top spinning pro just yet. Well, here at Mountain Tops EDC we are bringing you our first ever novice / youth plastic spinning top. Not only for children, but to help our newer top collectors practice to get the spinning technique down. This is an XL version of the frosted florescent 1.00" top. We have a limited quantity at this price, so get them while they last.

- 1.25" Full clear Frosted florescent
- Skeleton cut stem
- Bead blasted finish

* ** the top you receive is custom and hand made it will resemble the top in the picture in color and finish but won't be exactly the same **

will include an additional option to include a .125" Ceramic bearing in the bottom if wanted*

*2-3 day lead time*