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Q: When Will you have more Tops Available ?

A: It takes time to make tops I will post them as they become available.

Q:My top has become Damaged(lost cracked bearing) or needs to be cleaned/refinished.

A:Yes I can clean and refinish Tops.

Bearing replacement works in a case by case basis , but 95% of the time I can replace the bearing or Upside it for a small fee.

Q:I saw a top I really like can I have the same one made.

A:Yes and no. Every top is one of a kind made, But We can make tops very similar that will still be very close to what you would like.

Q: I lost my Certification card can I get another?

A: Yes , Just Email me your information at Mountaintopsedc@gmail.com with a picture of the top.

Q: Can you hold a top for me?

A: No , I can't hold any tops.

Q:I really Like one of your style tops you haven't made in a while how could I get one made?

A:Write me a email or send me a message on either of my social media accounts and ill make a note to make more.