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I run a small machine shop located in New England on the Seacoast. We specialize in making Custom Spinning Tops and EDC Equipment. Everything we make is all manual machined and hand worked. Every Piece we make is one of a kind and comes with a certificate of build with a date and makers mark.

For shipping information and custom orders please email Tyler@Mountaintopsedc.com

For anything else please email Blake@Mountaintopsedc.com


Q: When Will you have more Tops Available ?

A: It takes time to make tops I will post them as they become available.

Q:My top has become Damaged(lost cracked bearing) or needs to be cleaned/refinished.

A:Yes I can clean and refinish Tops.

Bearing replacement works in a case by case basis , but 95% of the time I can replace the bearing or Upside it for a small fee.

Q:I saw a top I really like can I have the same one made.

A:Yes and no. Every top is one of a kind made, But We can make tops very similar that will still be very close to what you would like.

Q: I lost my Certification card can I get another?

A: Yes , Just Email me your information at Mountaintopsedc@gmail.com with a picture of the top.

Q: Can you hold a top for me?

A: No , I can't hold any tops.

Q:I really Like one of your style tops you haven't made in a while how could I get one made?

A:Write me a email or send me a message on either of my social media accounts and ill make a note to make more.